Exclusivity is just the beginning.



Barrel Investments | Whiskey Production | Social Club

More than a social group, the Whiskey Army is a private club that sources and produces whiskey from the best distilleries in the country. Barrels are aged in our own private rickhouse on Club owned property.

Barrels for aging, blending, and bottling are selected by, and voted on, by the Members. We release limited amounts of product to the public at various times throughout the year at retail locations across the US.

The Club maintains a private library of rare, highly sought after, and limited release whiskies from around the world. Revenues are generated from selling stock from the Library throughout the year, as determined by Members.

As new barrels and bottles are added to the rickhouse and bottle library, Seats in the Club gain value over time and can be sold at the Member’s discretion. 



Specific details about The Club will be limited to serious applicants. Upon completion of this form, the Board will review responses and reach out to you directly.

If you were invited here with a referral code, you will receive the membership details and Club application link, immediately following this form submission.