Thank you!


I started this “little thing” to get free whiskey, plain and simple. The idea was to gather a bunch of small influencers and convince whiskey distillers to send us free product.

And it worked!


I met people from all over the country. Made friends without ever actually meeting in person. Some I actually did get to meet in person to go on whiskey hunts, or to distill whiskey at my house.

I met industry titans like Luis Gonzalez, CEO of Old Elk Distillery; Heath Schneider, CEO of Iowa Legendary Rye; Carey Bringle, BBQ legend and founder of Peg Leg Porker; Bill McBrayer of the Judge McBrayer family, and the list goes on.


But the best part of all of this, I made new friends. People that I talk to offline, on the phone, see in person, get advice from, and more.

People that helped plan and execute a badass fundraiser for a hell of a guy.

A guy that we lost to Covid…

And that’s why I am typing this today. Plain and simple, his death killed my motivation to produce anything on TikTok.  In the grand scheme of life, none of these videos mean jack shit compared to what his family was/is going through. I just felt silly making videos and decided to turn my attention to elsewhere.

Life carries on. I have an amazing wife, two beautiful daughters, great friends, a start-up, and all the other things that make me drink whiskey. (partially kidding!)


Anyway, I am not saying the Whiskey Army is dead; it isn’t. Mainly because it’s not something you can kill. It’s an idea – a sense of community – a thing that could only happen because total strangers came together and took a chance.

And that’s why I am saying, thank you.

Soak Line will still be on TikTok making moonshine, talking about whiskey, and maybe some new stuff. 


And if you have read this far you deserve to know, the Whiskey Army is coming back! The concept will be different but it will be built around one thing – community. So stay tuned.