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The Vision

Whiskey Army was created with the sole purpose of connecting great brands to passionate influencers, no matter how large or small their following was.

I saw a massive gap in the influencer market where only one or two accounts were getting attention from brands, and even then, it was inconsistent and lacked return for the brands. At the same time, I saw an “army” of smart, funny, creative influencers getting passed up by brands they love, simply because there was no efficient way to build a relationship with that many people, one at a time.

Enter, the Whiskey Army.

We have taken all of the best creators, wrapped them into a nice tidy package, and have given brands a platform for creating relationships with them. It’s that simple.

This is not an exclusive club you have to pay to be in, or a social clique based on when you joined a specific social platform. We are helping creators build relationships with the brands they love.