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The Process

Our unique partnership process is what separates us from every other influencer marketing program. It’s called the Whiskey Army Way™ and yeah, it’s trademarked. Think of Whiskey Army as a platform to connect you with people who will be passionate about your product. You have worked hard to get the product where it is today; the last thing you want is to be judged as fake or untrustworthy.

Phase 0 – Define Objectives

With any engagement, the first step is defining objectives and goals. Determining which markets you want to penetrate, which demographics you want to appeal to, defining the message for each SKU, and outlining the desired outcomes.

Phase 1 – Creator Selection

Understanding your needs, budget, and desired outcomes, we build the perfect team of Creators to execute the plan. Creators that fit any variation of demographic, location, and influence level.


Phase 2 – Qualification

We put samples in the hands of the Creators, we give them your story, tell them who you are, and let them experience your product first hand.

The power behind Phase 2 is the Journal Entry, a form that captures each Creator’s experience with your product. The data gathered from these entries not only identifies who the best partners will be, but gives you valuable insight into how the market responds to your product.


Phase 3 – Genuine Promotion

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for: the team is assembled; the message is strong; the plan is in place; now it’s time to execute.

The process behind the Whiskey Army Way™ delivers Creators who are passionate about your product and geniune in their promotion of it. There is no mistaking their authentic message to hundreds of thousands of loyal fans and followers.

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Partnership Packages

Use the table below as a guide to how packages can be structured. By no means are you limited to what you see here. Thanks to the tremendous amount of demographic and performance data we are able to collect, we can build the perfect package for your brand that fits within any budget or market objective.

Each package requires a product sample for the creator to experience the product before agreeing to represent the brand. Once in agreement, a full size product sample may be required or negotiated to use as a promotional tool for select creator accounts.

* estimated, total actual engagements will vary

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Video Promotion Options

While each phase is customized to every partner’s needs, the flexibility in Phase 3 is almost endless. Below are a few examples of what we can perform in Phase 3.


To say unboxing videos are popular, is an understatement. On TikTok alone, there are over 12.9 billion (with a B) views of videos unboxing a product.

These are the perfect way to highlight great packaging, and to setup Review videos.


And review videos aren’t far behind with almost 8 billion views. Once your Creators are vetted, they give authentic, honest, positive reviews about your product.

And it doesn’t stop with just one video. As Creators use the product they create more videos which lead to more exposure.


Very few formats get as many engagements as giveaway videos. These videos produce likes, comments, and follows at an exponential rate.

Not only do they help Creators grow their own fan base, but they pair perfectly with Live broadcasts.

Product Discounts

It’s all about sales. Whether it’s to an e-commerce store or a brick and mortar, put a discount code in the hands of the Creators, and they will drive fans and followers to your products. Take this a step farther with a Creators incentive program, outlined below.

Live Broadcast

A live broadcast is where Creators get to engage with their fans, one on one. Live product usage, giveaways, promotion, etc.

The live experience on TikTok and Instagram offer detailed metrics and reporting as well.

Co-Live Events

Take a live broadcast to the next level by joining your Creators! You are a distiller, an owner, a plant manager and whether you know it or not, fans want to talk to you!

Go live with Creators on TikTok duel or via Instagram… or both!

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