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Fx3 is Non-Profit organization for Veterans dealing with the hardship of PTSD, TBI and Mental Illness.

Founded by Army Veteran Michael Johns as a way to help combat the unacceptable 22 veteran suicides that occur each day. It is Michael’s mission, and the mission of FX3, to continue to bring awareness to this reality, while doing what we can to stop it! FX3 will continue until the number of veteran suicides is zero!

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FX3 has built a network of veterans who take other veterans on fishing trips to help them cope with PTSD, TBI, and mental illness.  Getting them out on the water helps them focus on the good things in life. It gives them an outlet to discuss their struggles with someone who has similar experiences.  Something as simple as spending a few hours on the water can save the life of a hero!

The FX3 partnership will be structured a little differently. The goal of the partnership is to spread awareness about the FX3 mission and to drive traffic to their store. All of the proceeds generated from the FX3 store help Michael and his team pay for these fishing trips with veterans. Instead of a discount code, we are giving away a Whiskey Army decal and an FX3 decal for every use of the special code.

Feel free to make as many videos about FX3 as you wish to make. There are no minimum requirements but there are a few requests:

  1. Include a mention of the special free give code – “WHISKEYARMY
  2. Include a link to the FX3 store in the description or in a comment –
  3. While not required, it would be really helpful if you could log the URL of your video to the FX3 Tracking Form. This data will help us understand the reach and impact of the campaign.