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Iowa Legendary Rye

Welcome to the Iowa Legendary Rye sponsorship program. Read through the instructions below to adhere to the program’s requirements.

SPECIAL: We have created a Discord page for all participants of the ILR program. You will be able to talk directly with the founder, master distiller, and other team members of the Iowa Legendary team. Click here to join the Discord group.

Phase 3 - Instructions
Welcome to Phase 3 of the Iowa Legendary Rye brand partnership! In this phase, you will be responsible for creating at least 3 videos with the ILR product you received. You can make as many videos as you want, as long as you do at least 1 of each type listed below:   Video 1 – Introduction / Review The first video must introduce the ILR brand to your fans and followers. Visit the ILR Discord page for ideas on messaging and keywords to use. You can also use this video to “review” the product. If you would like to do an intro video separate from a “review” video, you can, however, this will only count as fulfilling 1 video requirement.   Video 2 – Giveaway OR Revisit Product The next video will either be a “giveaway” promotion, announcing that you are giving away the second bottle supplied by ILR – OR – if you do not wish to giveaway the bottle due to shipping policies in your state, you can make a second video about your experience with the ILR product. I suggest a “revisit” where you try the product again and document the experience. Add water, ice, mix in a cocktail, etc.   Video 3 – Discount Code Promotion OR Revisit Product In the final required video, you will promote a special discount code for your fans to use at the ILR store to purchase ILR products. This code will be unique to you and will be used to track a special incentive program hosted by ILR and Whiskey Army. – OR – If you do not wish to participate in this discount code promotion, your final video can be a “revisit” video to promote the product again.   Additional Videos You can make as many additional videos about the product as you would like.   Video URL Log You must log each video you make about Iowa Legendary Rye in the Phase 3 Journal in order to receive credit for the total engagements you created. These engagements will be used to calculate a winner in the ILR Creator Giveaway.
Phase 2 - CLOSED
Phase 1 - CLOSED