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Silent Blind Auction

Made exclusively for TikTok, this is the very first batch of Five Crowns Distillery Bourbon Whiskey. Aged 186 days in a new, one gallon, charred oak (level 4) barrel.

Made from the 5th Generation family recipe, this five grain batch is 70% heirloom corn, 10% six-row barley, 10% malted rye, 5% red wheat, and 5% white wheat.

The 750mL and four of the five 375mL bottles are remaining with the family. This is the only bottle made available to the public.

Current number of bids: 8

*updated every hour

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How To Bid on a Blind Auction

First, I am absolutely honored that you would even consider bidding, it means the world to me and I hope you enjoy this whiskey as much as we have.

Second, a blind auction allows you to place a maximum bid amount that you are willing pay without going over. You will only pay what the second highest bid amount is.  For example, if you bid $20, but the second highest bid is $7, you would only pay $7.

Also, there are no bid increments and do not need to be round dollar amounts. You can include cents as well – for example, $5.02 is acceptable.

In the event two maximum bids are the same, and they are also the highest, the person who’s bid came in first will be the winner.  And YES, you can enter multiple times if you feel the need to increase your bid based on the activity the auction receives!

If you submit multiple “max bid” amounts, the last one received will count as your official bid. We do this in case you typed in the wrong amount and want to change it.