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Trust Index

Let’s face it, there are some real assholes out there. Don’t get ripped off by whiskey resellers who claim to have genuine, hard to find whiskies, at a great price.

The purpose of this page is to bring awareness to scammers, to get them removed from social platforms, and to protect the great people of the whiskey community. To track who is trustworthy and who you should avoid. A community-driven effort that relies on feedback from the public. Think of it as Yelp for TikTok Accounts.

And yes, this is a one-man show right now. Please consider supporting this effort by making a purchase from the Fan Shop. Better yet, submit an account for me to review, and you will get a special 10% discount on your next Fan Shop purchase.

How It Works

First, understand that no system is perfect. This index relies on the community for accurate information and sentiment. While I try to perform due diligence on each account to the best of my ability, I cannot (and do not) make any claims around accuracy or thoroughness. If an account listed below has the wrong rating, please submit a rebuttal in the submission form.

Second, the list below will grow and change over time. My goal is for this page not even to exist because we have rid the world of scammers. While I admit that is a longshot, it doesn’t mean I won’t try my hardest to make it happen. But I need your help! Please bookmark this page so when you do come across a shady account, you can quickly log it here.

Finally, requiring registration to this site allows me to vet those who are submitting information. I don’t want a scammer giving themselves positive ratings or making false claims. It also allows me to take action with accounts as necessary.

Rating System

Not A Threat

We have received confirmed reports of users safely doing business with this account. The account passes all safety checks.


The account passes most of the tests, but we have no confirmed reports of transactions or scams. We are currently watching it.

Level 1

The account passes some tests, but fails others. We have no confirmed reports of doing business with this account.

Level 2

There is a very high chance this is a scam account. It fails all of our safety tests, but we have no confirmed reports from the community.

Level 3

Users have reported being scammed by this account. Please report these accounts to TikTok and be sure to comment on their videos to warn others in the community.


This not an exhaustive list (and I don’t want to give scammers a way to become hard to detect) but these tips should give you an idea of what I look for in determing whether or not an account is a scammer, or safe.

TikTok Account Details

  • Do videos include people or just show bottles?
  • Are they using other people’s videos?
  • Do all videos just talk about selling product?
  • Does the account bio list a website to make purchases?
  • Is the only way to buy through DM?
  • Are comments only for people who follow them?
Website Details

  • If a website is listed, does the link work?
  • When was the website registered?
  • Does it pass security and virus checks?
  • Does it use good grammar and industry lingo?
  • Is there a contact us page with a physical address?
  • Does it have a terms of service or privacy policy page?

And remember, shipping alcohol in the United States is highly regulated. If they are authorized to ship to consumers, or if they are a reseller for those that can, they will have a Terms and Conditions page, like this one.

And as the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The Safe List

The accounts in this list have been verified safe at the time of publishing. I have either done business with these accounts myself, or have received a lot of reports of safe transactions from the community. If you would like to add an account here, complete the form below.

The Suspicious List

The accounts below have not been confirmed as a non-scammer account. To add an account to this list, please complete the form below.

Suspicious Websites

The websites listed here are being used by accounts who appear to be scammers. Most of these sites do not pass most of our safety checks. If you notice these websites on any accounts not listed above, please report them with the form below.

Submit An Account For Review

Please submit any suspicious or reputable accounts for us to review with the form below. You can also submit any additional positive or negative statements on any of the current accounts on the List above.

Remember to also report suspicious accounts to TikTok for review.

You must be a registered user to submit an account.